Lower Back Exercises Update 1

Lower Back Exercises Update 1 For those visitors who are new to MatthewsBack.com , one theme of...
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Tech Talk WordPress

Tech Talk - Wordpress Welcome to Tech Talk. Over the last couple weeks I've been spending a fair...
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Relaxing In Jamieson

Relaxing In Jamieson Jamieson is my Happy Place. Jamieson is a perfect place for relaxing -...
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Going to the Gym

Going to the Gym. Hanging out at the gym has never really been my thing. I’ve always had the...
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Top 12 Lower Back Pain Relief Products

Top 12 Lower Back Pain Relief Products When you've got a sore back, the only thing on your mind...
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Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming For the record, I hate swimming.  But, I hate my disc protrusion more..........
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Wussy Lower Back Exercises

Wussy Lower Back Exercises My lower back exercises are so wussy that I seriously considered not...
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All By Myself

All By Myself I am now officially all by myself. Albeit temporarily. Last week I dropped my wife...
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Physio Visit

Physio Visit Ok.  It's like this.  Today I went to the physio.  Today was the day for a physio...
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Back Pain

Back Pain Back pain - chronic pain and all pain - is neither fun nor desirable. Now, I am...
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Welcome to MatthewsBack.com

Here I will be discussing my Sore Back, my Come Back

and my Side Hustles.

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Most blog posts will have a video.

There are pretty pictures and painful

but insightful insights.

There is complaining, embarrassment

and wussy back exercises.

There are some links to my Side Hustles.

There is some laughter, some tears, some successes and some failures.

Ice cream and chocolate have proven to be the best pain medicine.

Please join me on my journey from painful disc protrusions to (hopefully) a return to normality….

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