Side Hustles and Buy Buttons

Side Hustles and Buy Buttons Part of the overall brief of my blog and website here at is to document my journey of recovery from my sore back, my come back and my side hustles.  My logic is that many people have the same or similar issues with their...
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Walk in the Park

Walk in the Park Lower back injuries are not fun and they most certainly are not a walk in the park. Quite simply, they hurt – physically and mentally.  There are, however, many ways that can help to alleviate the pain and aid recovery. Walking is arguably the best...
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Behind The Scenes

Ok - so I've been busy over the last few weeks. Especially behind the scenes. School has started for the year again, as have all the extra curricular activities.  Therefore my teenage daughters have resumed their busy but enjoyable schedules.  This means that I am...
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Home Coming

Home Coming Hi and welcome to another fun filled episode of Matthews' Back.  This post well and truly falls into the category of "sore backs". Words can't quite convey, but in this post I will try to explain my joy, thoughts and worries about my wife and daughters...
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Jamieson Tour

Jamieson Tour I've always been meaning to create a Jamieson Tour video. This visit by myself - without my wife and daughters who are currently overseas - has given me the opportunity for this guided Jamieson Tour video. Please join me on my Jamieson tour by clicking...
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Lower Back Exercises Update 1

Lower Back Exercises Update 1 For those visitors who are new to , one theme of this blog is me documenting my lower back injury recovery ( and therefore my lower back exercises ) plus the processes towards this end. Part of this journey involves trips...
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Tech Talk WordPress

Tech Talk - Wordpress Welcome to Tech Talk. Over the last couple weeks I've been spending a fair bit of time messing around with the various technical aspects of this (and other) blogs and websites that I'm involved with. I thought it might be a good idea to post a...
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Relaxing In Jamieson

Relaxing In Jamieson Jamieson is my Happy Place. Jamieson is a perfect place for relaxing - especially when you've got a sore back and your wife and kids are away overseas.... (sigh)... Jamieson is a tiny little town about 3 hours drive north east of Melbourne,...
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Going to the Gym

Going to the Gym. Hanging out at the gym has never really been my thing. I’ve always had the mental image of muscle obsessed fitness fanatics huffing and puffing and prancing and posing – wearing strange lycra outfits in gaudy colours, all the while flexing and...
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Top 12 Lower Back Pain Relief Products

Top 12 Lower Back Pain Relief Products When you've got a sore back, the only thing on your mind can be about how to relieve the pain. Spending far too much time on the floor can mean that your mind can wander off in strange directions - particularly towards lower back...
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Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming For the record, I hate swimming.  But, I hate my disc protrusion more....... Swimming and hydrotherapy exercises are good for my disc protrusion injury and recovery. I have joined up as an Aquatics Member at my local swimming pool complex. I have...
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Wussy Lower Back Exercises

Wussy Lower Back Exercises My lower back exercises are so wussy that I seriously considered not publishing this post.  It would appear that I am a wuss. Embarrassing as it is to admit, I am having struggling.  At least temporarily. My physio has given me a sequence of...
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Here I will be discussing my Sore Back, my Come Back and my Side Hustles.

Most blog posts will have a video.

There are pretty pictures and painful

but insightful insights.

There is complaining, embarrassment

and wussy back exercises.

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Sore Backs and Blogs can be Painful and Stressful

Here are some links to my SIDE HUSTLES.

On the BLOG there is some laughter, some tears, some successes and some failures.

Ice cream and chocolate have proven to be the best pain medicine.

Please join me on my journey from painful disc protrusions to (hopefully) a return to normality…

…..and I can help you with your website too.


Matthew’s Back or Matthews’ Back ?

Looking for some inspiration – either from a physical / mental perspective or an inspirational point of view ?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if I can do it, you can too.

Recovering from a back injury ?  Follow my journey.  Looking to generate an online income ?  Let’s do it together.

Sore Back

Sore Backs

Follow my journey from disc protrusion horizontal painfulness to (hopefully) full recovery vertical awesomeness.  My thoughts, my visits to doctors and physios, my exercises, my embarrassment, my successes, the confirmation of my overall wussy-ness.

Sore Back

Come Backs

Rather than lying on the floor, I’m documenting my return to normality.  Boring stuff like tying my own shoe laces, useful stuff like driving my kids to their next event and exciting stuff like going to the movies and being able to sit and remember it all.

Side Hutles

Side Hustles

Here it gets interesting. Join me as I show and explain what I’m doing to earn a side income via my online side hustles.  Let me help you with your website bits and pieces, or just believe that if I can do it, then you can too.

Sore Back

Tech Talk

Let’s get our geek on, put on our propeller hats and go all nerdy.  Or, I’ll do my best to explain technical website stuff – hopefully in a way that makes more sense than html code and sql querries.


Embarrassing Efforts

Watch and feel uncomfortable as I attempt feeble exercises.  They are good for me, apparently.

Sympathise with me

And I’ll sympathise with you !  Lower back pain hurts, so let’s get better together.  Or you can just mutter “glad it’s him and not me”.


Tired of the Rat Race ?

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