Sore Backs, Come Backs, Side Hustles and Internet Schenanigans.

Redundancy And The Art of Not Giving A Rats

Redundancy And The Art of Not Giving A Rats. Relish Redundancy.  Embrace Redundancy. In this day and age, the term “redundancy” has several meanings and implications. From a technical or computer standpoint, “redundancy” can be used to describe fail over mechanisms...

How To Monetize Your Passion

How to Monetize Your Passion. Saxophones Will Change The World. I’m not totally sure how, but I’m, sure they will. My goal of documenting and sharing my Side Hustle journeys here at MatthewsBack.com includes both my online and offline endeavours. My theory is that if...

Back Live

Back Live. …..and I’m back…. It’s been a bit over three weeks since I had an epidural cortisone injection in my lower back and the drugs appear to have kicked in. This is a very good thing ! The injection procedure itself was unpleasant to say the least; both three...

How To Start A TShirt Business

How To Start A TShirt Business – even if you are not a graphic designer. So – you’ve decided that you want to learn how to start a tshirt business ? Or, at least perhaps the idea may have been bouncing around inside your head and tickling your fancy….? In this fast...

Epidural Cortisone Injection Fun

Epidural Cortisone Injection Fun Let me just make it clear from the outset – an epidural cortisone injection is NOT fun. An epidural is essentially a very large injection where some doctor inserts a ridiculously large needle directly into your back.  He or she then...

Saxophone Lessons Side Hustle

Saxophone Lessons Side Hustle Saxophones Will Save The World ...I don't know how, but they will. The Saxophone Tshirt is surprisingly accurate. Where would the world be without saxophones ? Those of you who know me are probably well versed with my regular playing of...

Back Pain and Airplanes

Back Pain and Airplanes Having a sore back can obviously present some challenges in normal day to day activities. It can also present challenges in perhaps more unusual activities as well – such as holidays and vacations.  Especially those involving cars, trains,...

6 Best Side Hustle Podcasts

6 Best Side Hustle Podcasts In no particular order, these are arguably the 6 Best Side Hustle Podcasts on the planet today. Each of the hosts behind these podcasts are intelligent, articulate, very good at what they do....and they're just a little bit amusingly crazy...

Balance, Burnout and Bouncing Back

Balance, Burnout and Bouncing Back The catch phrase of “Work / Life Balance” is bandied about with alarming regularity these days – especially on corporate situations and workplaces. While much lip service is given to this phrase, it is actually an oxymoron.  It’s a...

Website Creation – Online or Offline

Website Creation - Online or Offline ? Part 5 of a 7 part “website terminology” series. Building and creating a website is actually quite easy.  However, there are several options to consider in your website creation journey. When you start to create your DIY website,...

Thanks TED

Thanks TED For those of you who don't know, TED talks are inspiring. The TED website describes itself as "TED is a nonpartisan nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks." Their tagline is "Ideas Worth Spreading".  So, here I...

Too Much Lower Back Exercise

Too Much Lower Back Exercise In my world, too much ice cream is never enough – but who’d have thought too much lower back exercise was more than enough ? Certainly not me. A few updates from this wonderfully foggy world of lower back pain in which I am currently...

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Sore Backs and Blogs can be Painful and Stressful

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Ice cream and chocolate have proven to be the best pain medicine.

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Sore Back

Sore Backs

Follow my journey from disc protrusion horizontal painfulness to (hopefully) full recovery vertical awesomeness.  My thoughts, my visits to doctors and physios, my exercises, my embarrassment, my successes, the confirmation of my overall wussy-ness.

Come Backs

Come Backs

Rather than lying on the floor, I’m documenting my return to normality.  Boring stuff like tying my own shoe laces, useful stuff like driving my kids to their next event and exciting stuff like going to the movies and being able to sit and remember it all.

Side Hutles

Side Hustles

Here it gets interesting. Join me as I show and explain what I’m doing to earn a side income via my online side hustles.  Let me help you with your website bits and pieces, or just believe that if I can do it, then you can too.

Tech Talk

Tech Talk

Let’s get our geek on, put on our propeller hats and go all nerdy.  Or, I’ll do my best to explain technical website stuff – hopefully in a way that makes more sense than html code and sql querries.


Embarrassing Efforts

Watch and feel uncomfortable as I attempt feeble exercises.  They are good for me, apparently.

Sympathise with me

And I’ll sympathise with you !  Lower back pain hurts, so let’s get better together.  Or you can just mutter “glad it’s him and not me”.


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