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Why Your Website is Like Your House

Why Your Website is Like Your House. And why you need a website. Part 1 of a 7 part “website terminology” series. Part 1 – Part 2 (coming soon) – Part 3 (coming soon) – Part 4 (coming soon) – Part 5 (coming soon) – Part 6 (coming soon) – Part 7 (coming soon). It is safe to suggest that in this modern internet enabled world, an online presence is not just a “nice to have”, but is actually a necessity.  Website creation is a must. There is a strong argument that suggests you should have a home on the...

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Back At Work

Back At Work I am now back at work…..and might I just say that it’s a bit of a struggle. As a quick recap, I hurt my back far too many months ago (more than seven !!) with a surprisingly painful lower back disc protrusion.  Here at I am documenting my sore back journey, my come back from this injury and my resulting thoughts, hopes, side hustles and internet shenanigans. I am now back at work at my large financial institution in the central business district in the city of Melbourne in an IT capacity.  For the last month...

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Side Hustles and Buy Buttons

Side Hustles and Buy Buttons Part of the overall brief of my blog and website here at is to document my journey of recovery from my sore back, my come back and my side hustles.  My logic is that many people have the same or similar issues with their lower backs, so if I document and diarise my recovery process then it might help others with theirs. Lower back disc protrusions certainly suck rather heavily.  The physical pain and subsequent resulting mental pain (and drop in IQ), combined with the inability to function properly on a daily basis...

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Walk in the Park

Walk in the Park Lower back injuries are not fun and they most certainly are not a walk in the park. Quite simply, they hurt – physically and mentally.  There are, however, many ways that can help to alleviate the pain and aid recovery. Walking is arguably the best way to regain lost strength and confidence. If you stop to think about it, the act of walking engages almost every muscle in the body.  Given that most of us have been walking for longer than we can remember, it is relatively easy for most of us to force our...

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Behind The Scenes

Ok – so I’ve been busy over the last few weeks. Especially behind the scenes. School has started for the year again, as have all the extra curricular activities.  Therefore my teenage daughters have resumed their busy but enjoyable schedules.  This means that I am often in the car driving them to where it is that they need to go. They are both heavily involved in music and drama, which are activities that I enjoy too.  This makes it all the more enjoyable for me as I can bore them to tears with my fatherly pearls of wisdom and...

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