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Side Hustle Summary

Side Hustle Summary A look back at my Side Hustle successes over the last 12 months or so. I’ve been busy. At least, I feel like I’ve been busy: juggling a full time 40+ hour per week 9 to 5 job, with a few stolen hours each week dedicated to my Side Hustles.  This side hustle summary has me needing a little nap. Actually, when I look back at the last year and watch the video – yes, I have been busy ! May I present a quick summary of…..ummmm……my side hustle summary. Saxophone T Shirts – via

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Lower Back Exercises Update

Lower Back Exercises Update Lower Back Exercise Update #2 While I am surprised and disappointed at how long it is taking to recover from my lower back disc protrusion injury, I am pleased with my ongoing lower back exercises efforts. Walking is still my main form of exercise.  I can go as slowly or as quickly, or as far or not so far as I feel like on any given day. Today I find myself wandering around the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance.  I have been pleased with my consistency of walking. For more than a year I have...

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That Bastard Brecht

That Bastard Brecht What’s the difference between Red Riding Hood and That Bastard Brecht ? Nothing, and everything.  Both have made me happy. Sometimes I joke that when I grow up, I’m going to be a rock star. (Note: I’m only half joking…….) I’m not interested in the “fame”, per se, but the “fortune” certainly appeals to me. I’m also not interested in the “sex” or the “drugs”.  However, the “rock ‘n roll” is most definitely where it’s at, baby.  Ohhh yeah… I did my first pub gig when I was 17.  Fast forward 30+ years and I’ve done...

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Redundancy And The Art of Not Giving A Rats

Redundancy And The Art of Not Giving A Rats. Relish Redundancy.  Embrace Redundancy. In this day and age, the term “redundancy” has several meanings and implications. From a technical or computer standpoint, “redundancy” can be used to describe fail over mechanisms and systems. If you have created a backup copy of the important files on your hard drive, then you have reduced the risk of your computer being made redundant. You have made backup copies of your photos, documents and other necessary files haven’t you ? Parental Redundancy. As a parent of teenage daughters, I am discovering that through...

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How To Monetize Your Passion

How to Monetize Your Passion. Saxophones Will Change The World. I’m not totally sure how, but I’m, sure they will. My goal of documenting and sharing my Side Hustle journeys here at includes both my online and offline endeavours. My theory is that if I share what I’m doing – my successes and not so successes and thus how to monetize your passion – then you, dear reader might be a step ahead of the game when you kick off your adventure. For those of you who don’t know me, I (half) joke about being a rock star...

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