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DIY Website Creation

DIY Website Creation. Part 4 of a 7 part “website terminology” series. There are many ways to build a diy website of your own. These days, the tools are great and the prices are very affordable. More good news is that website building tools have become soooooo much easier to use in the last few years that it is incredibly simple to build and look after your own DIY Website ! Almost all Hosting companies offer website creation tools and services.  And the good ones offer help with using these tools and services. Building your own DIY website is, if...

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Fitness First Work Second

Fitness First Work Second It is interesting being a stereotypical male. I am in my late forties.  I have a wife, two teenage daughters, a mortgage and everything that goes with these.  I have a full time job that helps me pay for all of this and a little bit more. I am very lucky. I have also hurt my back – which is a significant component of this blog.  I have discovered that I am, in fact, mortal. As a stereotypical male, I have certain expectations of myself.  I expect to look after my family.  I expect to...

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Side Hustle School

A Side Hustle School ? A School for Side Hustles ? ****** UPDATE ****** The Side Hustle School podcast has featured ME in episode 210 !!! SAXOPHONIST HUSTLES HIS WAY TO BACK INJURY RECOVERY When a chronic back injury sidelines an Australian IT professional, he pulls out his saxophone and establishes three new sources of income. To suggest that this was unexpected is an understatement to say the least 🙂 . Thanks Chris Guillebeau !! . ******  End of Update – now on with the original post ******   Part of the brief for my blog here at

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Relaxation and Recovery After Injury

Relaxation and Recovery After Injury It can quite stressful being injured. Hurting yourself is not fun and quite literally can be a pain in the <insert sore body part here>. Not only does your physical health need time to process and heal, but often so too does your mental health. Pain is tiring in both mind and body.  Mindset plays a big part in the recovery from an injury in exactly the same way that physical injury influences mindset. And thus a vicious circle can very quickly start and get out of control. Physios, Doctors and various other health...

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Mic Test Rode vs Sony

Matthews Back – Mic Test Sony ECM-CS3 vs Rode SmartLav+ Audio capture is an important part of making videos.  As a result, I thought I’d do a quick microphone test or comparison or review between my two new little mics – the Rode SmartLav+ and the Sony ECM-CS3. Part of the brief here on is documenting my back injury recovery journey and my sore back.  Another part is to document my come back to the real world.  Also, I am documenting my side hustles, online learnings and all things that go along with this. And new audio gear is...

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