6 Best Side Hustle Podcasts

In no particular order, these are arguably the 6 Best Side Hustle Podcasts on the planet today.

Each of the hosts behind these podcasts are intelligent, articulate, very good at what they do….and they’re just a little bit amusingly crazy as well.  They love to teach, they love to learn and they love to share.

These 6 best side hustle podcasts vary in style and content, but they all have several components in common:

  • all about brainstorming and creating side hustle businesses
  • often have special guest interviews
  • are all equally at home either as solo episodes
  • offer massive value – these podcasts are free to download
  • the listener cannot help but learn something from each episode
  • the listener cannot help but be entertained as well
  • and did I mention that they are all free ?

If you are looking to start your own side hustle business, either to supplement or replace your day job, then I strongly recommend that you have a listen to a few episodes of these podcasts.


1. Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income.

Pat Flynn is arguably THE MAN when it comes to small business podcasts.  Smart Passive Income – “SPI” to those in the know – is based on Pats’ extreme wealth of experience combined with his humble and genuine desire to help people.

The Smart Passive Income podcast and website came about after Pat noticed a gap in the studying/teaching market.  He started to share his study notes for a specific subject and certification he was undertaking, then realised he could sell these notes.

This quickly became successful, so he then began a search for some other specific niches….and found a few where he also managed to gain sales.

Smart Passive Income then grew out of Pat wanting to share his new found knowledge.  And share he most certainly does.  The income reports on his blog indicate that he is in a very comfortable position from a financial and business point of view, however this is not the point.

Pats weekly podcast and blog are an amazing insight into not only his business of essentially teaching people how to make money online, but also how others do it too.  Guests are a regular feature on the podcast and Pat does an amazing job with his interviews.

He covers everything from technical specifics to business psychology to marketing to research to work/life balance to business strategy.

He may also be one of the nicest guys in the world.

Pat Flynns’ Smart Passive Income weekly podcast is perhaps aimed at those who are still new to the concept but are maybe a little further down the business creation road.  SPI is still a fantastic resource for beginners and experienced business owners alike.

Pat also has a daily podcast called Ask Pat.  This is a small 5 to 10 minute single listener question with Pats answer podcast.  Again, these are highly informative episodes.

You should make listening to the weekly episodes of the SPI podcast an important part of your schedule.

2. Darren Rowse – Problogger.

Darren Rowse is a fellow Australian, and is arguably one of the most famous bloggers on the planet.  His Problogger blog and his DigitalPhotographySchool blog attract multiple millions of page views per month – each.

So, it is safe to say that he knows a thing or two (or seven) about blogging.

The Problogger podcast and website is exactly that – an ongoing guide on how to create a blog that grows and earns exponentially.

The Problogger blog has been going for, I think, more than 10 years.  As a result it has hundreds, if not thousands, of posts, articles, videos, information, teachings and learning opportunities.  It is a serious treasure trove of all things blogging.

Darren’s weekly Problogger podcast is relatively new, compared to the blog, having been only around for a year or so.

However, like the blog, it delivers everything a blogger could possibly want to know, from multiple technology options such as blogging platforms and autoresponder email, to sales psychology, to writing skills, to product research / creation / delivery, to social media, to marketing, to business building and staff management.

This podcast has a different overall aim than the others mentioned here.

The Problogger podcast is all about blogging.  The other podcasts are arguably more about starting and growing a business by harnessing the power of the Internet in multiple ways, shapes and forms…..including but not limited to blogging.

There is a very strong argument that suggests having a blog is mandatory if you wish to have some form of online business.  Therefore, the Problogger podcast and blog are a mandatory learning resource for you too.

3. Ed Dale – Your First Dollar.

Ed Dale is also a fellow Australian who has been dominating various online spaces for years.  He is probably best known in internet marketing circles as being the creator of the Thirty Day Challenge.  “The Challenge”, as it became known has run every year for about 10 years.

Ed has also created and launched several multi million dollar products of his own, but his specialty is helping others do the same.

The basic premise in The Challenge was that Ed provided an easily actionable and free daily framework to tens and tens of thousands of people with the goal being to research a market, plan, launch a product and make one dollar in sales over a period of one month.

Now, obviously the single dollar is not going to fund a luxurious retirement.  However, the repeatable processes that Ed and his team taught are priceless.

To make a gazillion dollars, one has to start with the first single dollar.

And Ed’s goal is not necessarily a gazillion dollars.  It is more to provide a side hustle or other options away from the dreaded rat race day job.

The Your First Dollar podcast picks up where The Challenge left off.  In this podcast Ed provides heaps and tonnes and lots of information in his delightfully chatty, informal and laid back Aussie style.  He provides help with choosing and narrowing down a niche or market in which to test.  He provides some testing options and strategies.  He provides some product creation ideas as well as time lines.

Ed also has guests – sometimes these are experts in their respective fields, other times these guests are brand spanking new beginners who he then helps to nut out their thought processes in side hustling.

Go and listen to the Your First Dollar podcast, especially if you are a brand new beginner to “selling stuff” on the Internet and are not quite sure where to begin.

While all of the other podcasts mentioned here are weekly or even daily, the Your First Dollar podcast is perhaps a little “ad hoc” in its episode releases.

And Ed’s daughter plays in the same orchestra that mine does.  As dads living our musical lives through our kids (I know I’m going to be a rock star when I grow up, and I suspect that Ed is too), it’s great to see our daughters enjoy and follow their passions.

4. Chris Ducker – Youpreneur.

Chris Ducker makes no secret of his Bromance with Pat Flynn.  Chris is an Englishman who is based in the Phillipines and is often galavanting around the world speaking at various international internet marketing events, or running his own.

Which sounds pretty cool to me.  I know that I could do with more galavanting in my life.

Like Ed Dale, Pat Flynn and Darren Rowse mentioned above, Chris Ducker didn’t start out hosting an informative and entertaining podcast that helps thousands of people, often solo-preneurs, with their personal branding and their small businesses.  He actually set up is own Virtual Assistant service in the Philippines, employing many, many people who help business owners around the world on a daily basis.  Basically, he set up his own Outsourcing agency.

Presumably, this has given him access to massive insights and a wealth of knowledge about how to and how not to run businesses of all shapes and sizes.

In his weekly Youpreneur podcast, it is obvious that Chris loves a good chat.  It is equally obvious that he is someone to learn from on a regular basis.

He has a stellar list of guests that he interviews with style and occasionally bumbling finesse, which brings a smile to the face and gets the brain cogs of the listener whirring.

As Chris mentions, one of the main reasons he started his podcast was to help others learn what he needed to learn.  What better way to learn for free than to learn from experts under the pretence of interviewing them ?!?

As a result, Chris’s gain is also ours, thanks to his podcast.

5. Nick Loper – Side Hustle Nation.

I’ve written about Nick Loper before in my Side Hustles and Buy Buttons post.


6. Chris Gillebeaux – Side Hustle School.

I have also written about Chris Guillebeaux in my Side Hustle School post.  And did I mention that I was featured in his episode 210 ?


So, there you have it.  Six of the best Side Hustle podcasts on the Internet, in the world in space.

In the EXTREME off chance that you listen to any episode of any of these podcasts and you don’t learn something, then you may perhaps need to adjust your expectations about side hustles or creating your own business.

Or, you can ask any of the gentlemen mentioned above for your money back. *


I am sure that you find these six best side hustle podcasts and associated websites as useful as I and hundreds of thousands of listeners around the world have.



P.S. Of course there are other amazing online business building advice podcasts.  Purely by coincidence, the six best side hustle podcasts mentioned above are hosted by men.

Of course there are some amazingly educational and practical podcasts of similar topics hosted by women.  Do you have any recommendations ?

What do you think are the best side hustle podcasts ?

Please share in the comments below and also please feel free to share this post with your peeps !

* Note, all of these podcasts are free to download. They should be paid items, but they are not !