Ok – so I’ve been busy over the last few weeks.

Especially behind the scenes.

School has started for the year again, as have all the extra curricular activities.  Therefore my teenage daughters have resumed their busy but enjoyable schedules.  This means that I am often in the car driving them to where it is that they need to go.

They are both heavily involved in music and drama, which are activities that I enjoy too.  This makes it all the more enjoyable for me as I can bore them to tears with my fatherly pearls of wisdom and experience.

“Yes dad” (said with a suitably teenage eye roll).

Actually, I really enjoy dropping them off and picking them up again.  I get to share in their adventures and hear about their trials and achievements.

It probably helps that I am also easily convinced to buy a $1 slurrpie from the drive through at McDonalds.

I may not have created too much deep and meaningful content or uploaded daily posts on the blog here at MatthewsBack.com over the last few weeks.  However, I have been putting in heaps of time behind the scenes.

First and probably (hopefully) the most obvious is the change of theme, design and layout of the entire MatthewsBack.com website and blog.

I have installed, been playing with and learning my way around the Extra Theme, from the good people at Elegant Themes.  This has been a bit of a learning curve for me.  However, the back end Divi builder for this WordPress theme is amazingly powerful and can do some ridiculously clever things.

As with all technology – hardware, software, user experience, etc – Divi and the Extra theme can make things very easy.  However, there are also a few confusing moments as well.  And that’s ok, because all themes have their unique features.  As with all new things it can take a while to learn how to make full use of the possible functionality and options it can provide.

I am well on my way to learning how to drive Divi and the Extra theme, which is good.

I am also setting up new pages and new functionality within this and several other websites that I am responsible for.

For example, I am uploading various files into an Amazon S3 instance ( used as a storage location) in order to make them available for visitors to my websites to download.

Email sign up thank you gifts, audio and video files for purchase or broadcast – all need to be hosted somewhere.  Hint: Amazon S3 is a good location for these.

The website pages and the purchasing functionality then need to be created to make these files easy for visitors to get their hands on.  Creating a web page takes time – especially when it needs to be able to deliver both a message and a product such as an ebook, an audio or a video file.

Content planning, then lining up in a row all of the necessary ducks to actually create the aforementioned content also takes time.

I have filmed many of the videos for future blog posts here at MatthewsBack.com already.  Some of these are complete and just need to be uploaded to the MatthewsBack YouTube channel.  Other videos still need to be edited.  Most still could do with erasing my ugly head from them entirely.

Video is a powerful medium, but for every few minutes of final footage often represents an hour or more worth of editing…. At least for me anyway….

Writing articles, uploading designs, ticking things along on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube, Google Plus, commenting on other blogs, being involved in online communities – all take a lot of time as well.

Treating the whole process as a business is an important part of my thought processes !

However, finding the time is a constant challenge.

So, with that in mind, while I may not be posting to this blog each and every day, there is a large amount going on behind the scenes.

I am learning new things every day and both my mind and my back are feeling better for it.

I will keep going.

What behind the scenes component of your side hustle takes up the most time for you ?

Do you have any hints or shortcuts you can share ?

Speaking of sharing, please feel free to share this post if you would like 🙂