Come Back Summary

This blog is essentially divided into 4 main categories – one of which is where I am documenting my “Come Back” from injury efforts.  I’ve been down for the count with my Sore Back, but now I’m well and truly returning to the world and the land of the living – hence my Come Back…. and this come back summary post of where I’m at right now.

And I’m back !!

I’m pleased with my progress.

Driving has now returned to the source of fun and adventure that it once was.  I can sit for an hour or two and drive my car, which is great.  Driving to and from Jamieson is now fun again.

It is no longer a problem or even a second thought about getting into the car and driving somewhere, anywhere.

Picking up my kids from school or dropping them off at their extra cirricular activities or going to the supermarket were recently a source of pain and frustration.  I am pleased to say that this is no longer the case 🙂

Travelling has now retuned to being an option again – which is fantastic.

Having a sore back while travelling (indeed having a sore back at any time) is unpleasant to say the least.  Sore backs take the shine off an otherwise enjoyable pass time such as travelling…and mine actually stopped me from going overseas, which I hated.  I wrote a blog post about Back Pain and Airplanes that offered some handy tips for travelling with a sore back.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve been on a long plane journey and survived to tell the tale.

Side note:  the short version of this recent travelling tale is that my family and I toured Germany, England and Wales with a music theatre drama group that we are involved with in late 2017.

And, another travelling opportunity has presented itself.  In August 2018, my youngest daughter and I are again going overseas with Nuworks Theatre.  We’re going to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which will be REALLY AMAZING.  We’re going to do 24 performances in 12 days, which will be busy and tiring, but an incredible experience.

The point is not to brag, but to show that my mindset is once again open to travelling – be that by car, or plane – and therefore sitting.

Rock n Roll.

The band I play with sometimes – Portmanteaux – has done some gigs that I’ve been able to participate in, which again is something that I enjoy.

Playing the saxophone involves bending over, lifting up and holding musical instruments that are not without weight.  I play three saxes – soprano, alto and tenor – so swapping over from one to the other involves putting one down and picking up another one.

Now that my back is well and truly on the mend I am getting enormous pleasure out of playing music again !

I’m significantly happier.

I can do normal things again – like putting on my own shoes and socks – without gritting my teeth or screaming.

I am interating with humans again, which is nice.  Back pain, and all intense ongoing pain, tends to make a person withdraw from most things, including social events.  Talking to others requires effort when pain is involved.  This is no longer the case for me, so please feel free to let me know if you’re up for a chat 🙂

I’m back, baby !!

I still need to be careful.  I still need to conciously decide if this or that physical movement is a good idea or not.

However, most of the time I can do it – as long as I’m slow and deliberate.

Walking is still a major part of my daily exercise program.  I’m averaging over 10,000 steps per day now, and have been consistantly achieving this milestone for about 6 months.

While I am no longer swimming regularly ( I hate swimming ), I have started using my cross fit trainer machine again which has sat negelected in my garage for far too long.

I am pleased.

My progress is on track, I am achieving.

This in turn makes it easier to continue to make the effort both mentally and physically.  And thus a cycle of effort, reward and noticeable return is snowballing into helping me return to the being the happy and vaguely human I once was and would prefer to continue to be.

I still have a fair way to go.

My daily challenge is to keep going, to keep walking, to keep exercising, to keep my mind and body engaged.

I still need to be careful.

However, this is getting easier as each day goes by.

Alas, my goal of owning and therefore using a chainsaw is still a little way off.  Even though there is some wood and a few tree branches I would like to cut up, I recognise that using a chainsaw is not a good idea for me physically just yet.  Soon !!!

If you have hurt or injured yourself and are in the process of recovering, please hang in there !

Keep going, keep trying, keep exercising, keep being involved with your friends, your family, your colleagues and your community.

Keep doing what you need to do.

If I can do it, so can you !!



P.S.  Have you hurt yourself ?  How are you going with your recovery ?  What are you doing to make your own Come Back ?  Do you have your own come back summary that you can share ?  Please let me know in the comments section below 🙂

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