Home Coming

Hi and welcome to another fun filled episode of Matthews’ Back.  This post well and truly falls into the category of “sore backs“.

Words can’t quite convey, but in this post I will try to explain my joy, thoughts and worries about my wife and daughters home coming and return from their big adventures overseas.

As I’ve mentioned before, my wife and two daughters have been away without me.  This has been extremely disappointing and upsetting to say the least.

The only reason I could not go with them was because of my lower back disc protrusion.  Sitting on a plane (or anywhere else, really) for an extended period of time was simply not going to happen.


I am sure I’ll get over this disappointment soon…..

Anyway, they have had an amazing time.  My youngest daughter (13yo) has decided, possibly just a little bit early, that she wants to go to Oxford University based on her recent visit.  Good on her, I reckon.  She has been inspired by the historic buildings and rich history of The United Kingdom over the last two thousand years… Bath was another highlight for her.

My oldest daughter (16yo) was lucky enough to be selected for the Australian Girls Choir international tour.  She got to sing for the Pope and 50,000 people at St Peters Square at the Vatican in Rome and lay a wreath at Villers Bretonneux in Northern France.  Very exciting and an amazing experience.

I am REALLY looking forward them coming home tomorrow.  YAY !!!!!!!!

I have missed them terribly.

But, I will confess to being worried and concerned about their home coming.

I am still not sleeping very well at all, with lots of tossing and turning and general uncomfortable-ness.  I am still taking a lot of tablets that are messing with my dreams.

My wife was suffering as a result of this before she went away.  She was not sleeping very well either because of me grunting, groaning, moaning and disturbing her from the other side of the bed.

Now that she is coming home, I am worried that I will be disturbing her again.  Hopefully she has had a bit of a rest while she’s been away.

I’m proud to say that I have made the effort to do my exercises every day while my family have been away.  There has been noticeable improvement in the number of repetitions of each exercise, but, geez, my lower back still really hurts.

Walking every day, exercising every day, swimming most days, consciously relaxing every day, spending a lot of time lying on the floor and taking the time to deliberately look after myself has been a nice luxury, albeit still a painful one.

Two trips to the airport over a twelve hour period may still be a challenge for me, given that we live an hours drive away.  Challenge accepted !!

Speaking of challenges….

The other day I was standing in chest deep water near the edge of my local pool, grimacing my way through various foam dumbbells exercises.

An older gentleman came over and asked me if the dumbbells were heavy.

I replied that they were not heavy and actually quite light, but that my back was hurting – hence my doing these exercises.

He suggested that it did not look like I was having much fun….. He was most definitely correct in his observation !

A few minutes later a couple of curious young boys swam up and around me, giggling and carrying on and having a great time as 8 year old boys together at the pool often do.

” Hey old man ! Why are you crying ? “, they asked me.

” I’m not crying as such, I’ve hurt my back and these exercises will help my back get better ” I tried to explain.

” Wow, ” said one kid, ” I hope we don’t have to do stupid exercises when we’re old ! ”


Me too.