Jamieson Tour

I’ve always been meaning to create a Jamieson Tour video.

This visit by myself – without my wife and daughters who are currently overseas – has given me the opportunity for this guided Jamieson Tour video.

Please join me on my Jamieson tour by clicking the play icon in the video above.

Walking around the small central Victorian (Australia) town of Jamieson is always relaxing.  The calm, quiet and laid back feel of the little gold mining town instantly affects me.

Apparently, Jamieson was a bustling metropolish in the second half of the 19th century during the Victorian Gold Rush.  Thousands of people made their way to the Jamieson general area, all seeking their fortune.

A lively community developed – pubs and breweries, shops, houses, halls, the post office, the school.  Many of these old building still exist and are shown in the video I made.

Many of my wifes’ releatives are buried up in the Jamieson cemetary.  The family history is all around us.  Staying there at what is now our house is something I plan to enjoy for the rest of my life.

The birds and the fresh air, swimming in the river on hot days or sitting by the open fire on cold days, deliberately taking time out to chill out all make Jamieson a sanctury for my family and me.  Did I mention that Jamieson is my Happy Place ?

Hopefully my tour of the simple highlights of Jamieson give the tiniest indication of how beautiful it is.

It is especially soothing for those of us with sore backs who need to take it slowly.

Walking around the town, then down to the “fork in the river” where the Jamieson River meets the Goulburn River, then back to the house is a wonderfully relaxing 30 minute stroll.  Pausing to paddle in the shallows of the river adds to the slowness of it all.

I can’t wait to go back.



P.S.  Many of the river and bird sounds for my relaxation music album “River To The Sea” were recorded in and around Jamieson 🙂