Redundancy And The Art of Not Giving A Rats.

Relish Redundancy.  Embrace Redundancy.

In this day and age, the term “redundancy” has several meanings and implications.

From a technical or computer standpoint, “redundancy” can be used to describe fail over mechanisms and systems.

If you have created a backup copy of the important files on your hard drive, then you have reduced the risk of your computer being made redundant.

You have made backup copies of your photos, documents and other necessary files haven’t you ?

Parental Redundancy.

As a parent of teenage daughters, I am discovering that through the passage of time my status as being the wise and necessary father is also being made redundant.  It means that my wife and I are nearing the end of our parenting journey.

On the one hand this a beautiful, proud and pleasing development.  We’ve done a fantastic job – even if I do say so myself.  Our daughters are wonderful human beings.

On the other hand, my two little princesses are always going to be my two little princesses.  I’ve blinked, and they’ve grown up.  Surely they still need me ?!?

From a sentimentality perspective, it would appear that I’m on borrowed time here….. ☹

Social Redundancy.

Products and services also become redundant in our day to day lives.  Remember going down to the video store and hiring a VHS video tape ?  No ?  How about going down to the video store and hiring a DVD ?

Corporate Redundancy.

Then there is the corporate redundancy concept.

This is where some Very Important Manager and some Bean Counter get together and decide that a restructure of the entire organisation is a Really Good Idea.  They decide that individual people and even entire teams should be removed and separated from the payroll system.

And so people become redundant.

Not because robots have taken our jobs.  Simply because the VIM and the BC had a RGI.

(Corporate wank speak)

What the VIM and the BC tend not to notice or realise is that those of us who are starting to get a bit long in the tooth have seen it all before.  These things come in cycles.  So do VIMs and BCs.

Each alternate VIM and BC think that they are being very clever and wonderfully original.  The reality is that they are simply putting the organisational corporate structure back to how it was last time.

People who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, often over a period of years, suddenly are told that their services are no longer required.

If you’re lucky there might be a bit of a golden handshake, but otherwise it’s all rather cold and callous.

And so, as a white collar corporate computer nerd in his very late forties, I find myself in the position of staring down the barrel of redundancy.

I’ve seen this before and I’ll probably see this again. 

I have survived several of these over almost 20 years in my corporate career and have come out of them with a gig at the end.

Last time was close.  This time it still remains to be seen which way the coin toss will fall.

The chairs have been thrown into a pile in the middle of the room.  The music is stopping.  What is interesting this time around is that no-one really knows how many chairs there are, or if they can be untangled and used.

I am, however, not stressed at all.

Will I have another few years of corporate bliss ahead of me in the large financial institution that I have worked in for far too long ?  At least until the next restructure…..

Or will I get the golden handshake ?

Part of my reasoning for starting this blog was to explore what it is that I actually want.

For those of you who have been reading these pages, you will know that what started this blog was my lower back injury.  This injury was a bit of a wakeup call and proved to me my mortality.

It showed that life is too short to do stupid things for stupid people on a daily basis.

Since then I have learnt a lot about the concept of the Side Hustle – making money on the side, moonlighting, exploring other options.

I have done the ground work and put in the effort towards several Side Hustles that are, albeit VERY slowly, starting to make some money.

However, I am not at the stage where these online schenanigans are making enough to replace my current income.


I am very aware that while I have this full time gig in corporate Australia, I do not have the time to fully take advantage of the online and side hustling opportunities before me.

I am also very aware that my finances are not at a stage that suggests not having a full time job is a good idea.

Currently my side hustle income is approximately 10% of my full time job income.

Hmmmm.  Simple maths tells me that a 90% shortfall is a big number to overcome.  So does my wife.

However, that’s why I started this blog.  I’m keen to increase my online income significantly.

I listen to podcasts and read various articles that suggest all of this is possible.

I’m confident that if I had more time to dedicate to blogging and website stuff then I can decrease the shortfall and norrow the gap between “what is” and “what could be”.

I will admit to being a little nervous.

I have a wonderful wife, two amazing teenage daughters, a mortgage, bills, a music habit and an ice cream addiction.

However, as stated in the title of this post, ultimately I don’t give a rats proverbial about my very potential corporate redundancy.

If I end up staying, it is highly likely that I’ll come out of it with a pay rise and a promotion in my corporate IT gig.  I actually don’t mind my current role and a promotion would make it even better.  Although I will still need to wear a suit and tie, which I hate with a passion.

If the music stops and I do not have a chair, then I’ll come out of it with at least 16 months pay.  I can take my tie off and give this online income thing a red hot go.

Either way, I win.

It is actually a nice position to be in really.

Maybe this might be the push I need for a change ?

Wish me luck !!



P.S.  Have you been through a redundancy ?  How did it unfold for you and what was the end result ?