A Side Hustle School ?

A School for Side Hustles ?

****** UPDATE ******

The Side Hustle School podcast has featured ME in episode 210 !!!


When a chronic back injury sidelines an Australian IT professional, he pulls out his saxophone and establishes three new sources of income.

To suggest that this was unexpected is an understatement to say the least ūüôā
Thanks Chris Guillebeau !!
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Part of the brief for my blog here at MatthewsBack.com is to chronicle the journey my sore back has taken and will continue to take me on – from horizontally and grimmacingly immobile to back to my former middle aged semi-fit, happy and healthy self.

The other main brief of this blog is to document my quest for online world domination via various internet schenanigans…..Or at least to aim for an online income that significantly outshines the current remuneration from my day job.

Laying on the floor puts a lot of things into perspective.  Life really is too short to repeatedly do stuff that is either inefficient or that resembles the movie Groundhog Day.

To this end, the concept of a Side Hustle has become a major focus in my life.

And simple trawling through the interwebs shows approximately several squillion options and ideas for creating a side hustle that may take the Hustler a step closer to their goal.

The big question at this point then becomes,
“So how and where on earth does one begin to hustle sideways ?”

I mentioned in a previous post that Nick Loper, his book called “Buy Buttons”, his mega post and his podcast at SideHustleNation.com are arguably one of the best places to start.

Another highly recommended suggestion is Chris Gillebeau and his podcast at Side Hustle School.

The Side Hustle School podcast is, quite simply, inspiring.  It is also full of amazingly effective yet apparently easy Side Hustle ideas.

Every day, Chris publishes a new podcast.  Each daily episode is between 6 and 11 minutes long, so they are easily digestible and quick to consume.

While these episodes are small in size, they are seriously big on ideas and concepts that ordinary everyday people like you and me can learn from and replicate.

All without leaving your day job.

The Side Hustle School podcast is all about generating a side income outside of a regular job.  These ideas are based on skills, hobbies, loves and passions that may or may not be based on what the episode example person does at their regular day gig.

Each episode is a specific example of what one person has done.  One guy gives guitar lessons, another sells TShirts, one woman makes taro cards and another has redesigned the bra.

There are examples of people’s side hustles that make an extra one hundred dollars a month, to $500 per month, to $1000, to $5000, to ten thousand dollars a month and more.

Including Side Hustle School¬†episode 210, featuring yours truly ūüôā

Most of these examples are supplementary incomes and this was always the goal for these people, which is fantastic.

Some have achieved a side hustle income equal to their day job, which has given them the choice of whether to resign or continue with their day job purely because they enjoy it.  The choices that this provides are life changing.

The Side Hustle School podcast is aimed at the beginner.

Chris explains in very simple terms what the episode subject has done and how they have done it.  He summarises the business model at the end of each episode and provides some other ideas related to the example in each episode.  He poses some questions that get the listeners brain whizzing with possibilities.

I am enjoying the short, sharp episodes of Side Hustle School.  I am finding it a great place to learn.  The easy inspiration provided in each episode is certainly motivating.

Chris has also written several fantastic books that are also highly recommended.  They are mostly about Side Hustles, simple start ups and living life by your rules Рnot by someone elses.

Personally, I have found the concept of “extra” income a bit of an epiphany.

Rather than aiming to create the next Facebook, Uber or Amazon, the idea here is to simply create a side hustle.

The idea is not necessarily to seek a first round of investor funding of sixteen million dollars and create a mega company.  It is purely to add to any existing income via another means by working on your side hustle for a few hours each week.

If the goal is to pay for the groceries or even the rent each month, then go for it.  If the goal is to replace your job then go for it.

I would strongly recommend that you subscribe to Chris Gallibeau’s Side Hustle School podcast for daily inspiration and learning. ¬†Your eyes will be well and truly opened to amazing possibilities, as mine have.

As Chris says at the end of each episode:

“Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is even better.”

So, your homework is to listen to this 9 Starter Ideas For Your First Side Hustle episode of the Side Hustle School podcast for some quick ideas and possibly subscribe if you like it.

This post here is one of my examples of inspiration combined with action. ¬†I am going out of my way to try several ideas contained in Nick Lopers book Buy Buttons and Chris Gallibeau’s podcast. ¬†I will share my progress in the posts and pages here as time goes on.

Almost everyone can find an extra seven hours per week – only one hour per day – if they really try.

What could you achieve with a consistent effort for one hour a day ?



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P.S.  Using the daily inspiration from Side Hustle School, I have completed my first online Saxophone Lessons course.  I am both pleased and proud of my efforts.  Thanks Chris !!