Relaxation Music and Darth Vader

I was browsing in a book store the other day.

As I was feeling a bit down, I went to the “humour” section of the book store in the hope of having a quick laugh.

I picked up a small book of simple one frame comic cartoons with witty comments in speech or thought bubbles and amusing illustrations.  I smiled as I flicked through the pages… just what I needed.

Then I turned the page and laughed out loud – one of those spontaneous explosions of laughter.  The kind that sounds REALLY and EMBARRASSINGLY loud in a quiet book store packed with lunch time shoppers.

There was a cartoon of Darth Vader, wearing a classic 1970’s leotard (complete with helmet, cape and light sabre at his side) and leg warmers.

He was attempting a Yoga pose and not quite succeeding.

Being the tragic Star Wars geek that I am and being old enough (just) to remember being terrified of Darth Vader at the cinema, I found this rather amusing.

Instantly, the classic “here comes Darth Vader” musical riff popped into my head – daah daah daah, daa da daah, daa da daah.

But it got me thinking.  About yoga.  About Meditation.  About relaxation music.

About the whole Han Solo / Princess Leah, R2D2 / C3PO, peas and carrots, potatoes and gravy, hand in glove relationship between the physical and mental aspects of meditation combined with the mental imagery and internalization of the music that often accompanies it.

Yoga Music, Calming Music, Meditation Music, Relaxation Music, or any other kind of music, when combined with meditation can really take the mindfulness and well-being of both to a whole new level.

Have you ever wondered why Darth Vader always speaks so slowly and deliberately ?

Have you ever wondered why he never wastes his words ?

It’s possibly because he practices the art of balance and self control with meditation.

Have you noticed that his breathing is always slow, measured and even ?  Perhaps Darth Vader has been using his breathing as a stress relieving or relaxation technique.

Side Note:  If you’re interested in what Darth Vader does when he’s not trying to conquer the galaxy, then have a quick read of this blog post:

OK.  Maybe I’m taking the analogy and the joke just a little too far.  But, the idea is there.

Meditation, or music, or the combination of both can really go a long way towards reducing anxiety or stress, calming down, relaxing or being at peace.  Together, or separately, they can form part of a meditation or relaxation routine.

Controlling your breathing, controlling your mind and controlling your body all are the resulting benefits of listening to relaxation music and being involved in the art of meditation.

Meditation – like music – can be different things to different people.  Just as there are many different flavours of ice cream, so too are there different flavours of meditation and different flavours of music.

Being a long term relaxation music fan (I’ve composed and recorded a few relaxation music albums that have sold very well – especially River to the Sea), I do find the simple act of deliberately stopping, pausing, and listening to some relaxation music very beneficial.

A few relaxation music internet radio sites that I listen to occasionally are:–Relaxation-c100001679/

Note – these internet radio stations also have heaps of other musical genres available.  I listen to the funk, jazz and chillout ones as well !

Listening to music allows us to escape, to turn off, to calm our minds, to concentrate more on the “life” part of the “work life balance” equation that affect the vast majority of us in the western world.

It allows us to clarify and single out various thoughts within our always on and racing minds – from what to have for dinner, to personal issues, work stresses, to positioning ones body so as not to fall flat on ones yoga mat.

It allows us to align our bodies and our minds, to slow our heart rates and our breathing and to regain our sense of self.

Darth Vader may not have been the nicest guy in the universe, but he certainly new how to control his mind and body.

Whether he was a practitioner of yoga, meditation or an avid listener of music or not remains possibly one of the universes great unanswered questions, there is no doubt that meditation and music – together or separately – can certainly help you and I in our quest for physical and mental health and overall relaxation.

Now I am the (relaxation music) Master.
<cue relaxed and controlled breathing>



P.S.  What do you do to deliberately relax ?  Please let me know in the comments section below !