Soldiers and Saxophones

As this blog post is published, I will be on a plane and on my way to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, in Scotland, United Kingdom.

This is actually a dream come true for me.  It is going to be HEAPS of fun 🙂

I am also lucky enough to be performing with my 15 year old youngest daughter – the two of us will be on an epic trip of a lifetime.

(My oldest 17 year old daughter was also invited to perform, however, as she is completing her final year at high school, taking a month off in August is certainly not good timing.  As a result she and my wife are staying home, much to their extreme but philosophical disappointment.)


My saxophone and I have performed on stages large and small, in front of audiences large and small many, many times.


There have been some highlights.  However, performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will certainly rank as one of my top 3 I suspect 🙂

Check out the sax player hiding in the corner….

We are touring (again !) as part of a group of happy thespians known as Nuworks Theatre.

Some readers may possibly remember that my wife, two daughters and I went on a tour with Nuworks last year to Germany, England and Wales.

I did think at the time that that tour was going to be a once in a life time experience.

Fast forward to now and here I am again on another once in a life time experience 🙂

I recognise that I am very lucky.

We are taking two shows to Edinburgh – That Bastard Brecht and The Electra Legacy.

I’m playing my saxophone in the band for That Bastard Brecht and I am playing a Soldier / Farmer in the chorus in The Electra Legacy.


I will confess to quite out of my depth in so far as the choreography is concerned.

Electra has some very specific and very tight moves.  Not much “dancing” per se: more military drills and unison stamping and banging of poles on the floor.

It is surprising how much concentration is required to stand completely still for 10 minutes, then on cue suddenly take two steps backwards and bang a long pole on the floor at exactly the same time as 10 other people.

It is also surprising how little visibility the soldier masks we wear actually allow us.  I feel like it might actually be easier to do these scenes with my eyes shut, rather than wearing the mask.

From a musical standpoint I can more than keep up with the other 3 members of the band – keyboards, bass, drums (plus a bonus flute that appears for a couple of songs).

Two shows a day for two weeks is going to be a rather busy and probably tiring schedule.

There is one song in particular where I get to do my impersonation of a rock star – my saxophone solo is deliciously long (arguably too long !!) and I get to play while everyone else dances around me.

I enjoy it each and every time 🙂

Check it out here in this video below taken from a live performance recently:

We’ve rehearsed for months.  We did our last Melbourne shows a couple of weeks ago.

We’re ready.

Let’s go !

Soldiers and Saxophones

If you’re in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom and looking to see some great shows during the Fringe Festival in August (2018) please come and see our Nuworks Theatre shows.