That Bastard Brecht

What’s the difference between Red Riding Hood and That Bastard Brecht ?

Nothing, and everything.  Both have made me happy.

Sometimes I joke that when I grow up, I’m going to be a rock star.
(Note: I’m only half joking…….)

I’m not interested in the “fame”, per se, but the “fortune” certainly appeals to me.

I’m also not interested in the “sex” or the “drugs”.  However, the “rock ‘n roll” is most definitely where it’s at, baby.  Ohhh yeah…

I did my first pub gig when I was 17.  Fast forward 30+ years and I’ve done about a million gigs – give or take a few – since then to audiences big and small.  I’ve enjoyed almost all of them.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been involved with my teenage daughters in a little amateur theatre company here in Melbourne (Australia) called Nuworks Theatre . Nuworks Theatre puts on several shows each year and occasionally tours internationally.

Being involved with my girls in their theatrical activities has brought a joy to my heart and a happiness to my soul.

Since hurting my back, I have found that pain makes it is very easy to withdraw from life.  Now that I am well and truly on the mend, I will credit my involvement with Nuworks Theatre as part of the healing process.

If you are hurting from either physical or mental pain (or both), then may I humbly, quietly and respectfully suggest that you try to make a deliberate effort to get yourself involved in a vaguely public or group activity.  Maybe a team sport, maybe a sewing or a book club, perhaps a musical group, maybe a yoga class, maybe a group/class such as a learning a foreign language….whatever interests you.

Concentrating on something else other than the pain, as difficult as this may be, will potentially put you on the road to recovery.  Especially if it is something that you enjoy.

More Shows.

I wrote about our international tour to Germany, England and Wales in 2017 – The Crappy King and the Tree .  Quite simply, the whole experience was amazing.  At the time I thought it was be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

And in many respects, it was.

Since returning from this tour, we have done another show – Red Riding Hood – where I reprised my role as The Tree, with my oldest daughter in the title role, and my youngest daughter once again in her role as Doc the Dwarf.  Red Riding Hood was a continuation of where Snow White left off.

Spot The Tree in the above video promo !!

We did a few performances in Melbourne and that was that.  Great fun.

That Bastard Brecht.

However, we also began rehearsing for a new show called “That Bastard Brecht”, with the aim of taking it overseas to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, in August 2018.

Another once in a life time opportunity has come my way !

This show is about Bertolt Brecht, who was a playwright, poet and writer, and his period in 1930’s Nazi Germany Berlin just before World War 2.  There is fantastic live music, singing, dancing and choreography in this amazing musical theatre production, once again led and directed by David Dunn.

The cast for That Bastard Brecht consists of talented actors and musicians mainly in their 20’s and 30’s, with a few 40’s and 50’s (and 60’s) thrown in.  Plus my soon-to-be 15yo youngest daughter, who is very impressively well and truly keeping up with the more experienced and older cast.

My 17yo daughter is very disappointed but philosophical about not being involved….she was invited but she is in her final year at school this year and made the impressive decision herself to concentrate on her studies.

I get to play my saxophone as part of the band in this show and I am enjoying it immensely.  There is one song where I get to have a deliciously long and rather self-indulgent sax solo front and centre stage, with incredible choreography happening all around and behind me.  I keep wanting to turn around to watch !

I do briefly get to be a rock star 😉

Our 8 Melbourne performances of That Bastard Brecht are starting this week.

Onwards to Edinburgh.

In April we will begin to rehearse another Nuworks Theatre show called “Electra”.  We took it overseas as part of the tour last year and it was such a hit that we will also perform it at the Edinburgh Festival in August this year.  My daughter will need to teach me the dances….

The Nuworks Theatre plan for Edinburgh 2018 is 24 performances in 12 days.

Two performances a day – one each of “That Bastard Brecht” and “Electra” – will potentially be a rather tiring yet incredible experience.

So, while I haven’t quite grown up just yet (and thus my overall rock star status continues to elude me), my daughter and I and the rest of the cast will certainly enjoy performing to full audiences in yet another overseas adventure.

Perhaps I am on my way to becoming a rock star after all ?

We can all dream 😊



P.S.  If you’re in Melbourne, please come and see a show by Nuworks Theatre – maybe even That Bastard Brecht over the coming two weeks !

P.P.S.  If you’re in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK in August 2018, then please come and see Nuworks Theatre perform That Bastard Brecht and Electra as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival !