DIY Website Creation.

Part 4 of a 7 part “website terminology” series.

There are many ways to build a diy website of your own.

These days, the tools are great and the prices are very affordable.

More good news is that website building tools have become soooooo much easier to use in the last few years that it is incredibly simple to build and look after your own DIY Website !

Almost all Hosting companies offer website creation tools and services.  And the good ones offer help with using these tools and services.

Building your own DIY website is, if you have the time and inclination, a really good option.

Yes, there will be an initial slight learning curve.  However, once you have learnt how to use the website building software or tools, this makes it very easy to maintain your site and gives you complete control over how your website looks and functions.

If you pay a company to design your website for you, you most probably will not be able to update it quickly and easily if urgent changes need to be made, and you won’t have nearly as much control as you would have if you did it yourself.

Having said that, good website creation companies will give you the option of setting it all up for you and then “handing over the keys”.

The thought of web design often terrifies people.

Website creation and design is often associated with IT geeks who have hundreds of qualifications and who can understand complicated code – but this is no longer true.

Creating your own DIY website is just as easy as writing a document in, for example, Microsoft Word, or Pages, and sending an email.

DIY websites are often as easy as ‘point and click’.  You can make your whole website based on visual images, without having to learn code and without having to type in lots of complicated formulas.

Many of the easier website creation tools these days are actually online – you do not have to install complicated software on your computer.  This also means you can create or update your website from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

DIY website building software allows you to edit text, upload pictures and change fonts at the click of a mouse.  You can arrange things on the pages, and play with the layout until you are happy with how your website looks.  You can easily upload pictures of your own or use images from the web.

Updating blog posts takes as much technical knowledge as sending an email, and changing font colours, sizes and types is just as simple as doing the same thing in a Word or Pages document.

Some hosting companies have their own website creation tools.

Almost all hosting companies allow you to install tools in your hosting space – the most popular of these tools is known as WordPress .  Wordpress is free to install and gives you a whole suite of tools to configure and build your website or blog.

Most online website creation tools provide templates as starting points.  This makes it really easy for you to configure and change to suit your needs.  Usually these tools are very intuitive and have a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach.

There are different types of DIY website builders, so make sure you choose one that is good for you.

Many websites offer step by step guidance and tuition on how to use these DIY website builders.  If you don’t feel confident learning how to use your hosting company’s web design software for yourself, then finding someone to teach you how to do it is often another easy option.

The support documentation provided by your hosting company will guide you every step of the way through the DIY website creation process – through tutorials, videos and simple “how to build a website” text based lessons.  This will show you all the hints and tips that you will need to create a fantastic website of your own.

It will also mean that you’re able to quickly and easily update your website yourself, which is invaluable for when you need to change details on your site quickly.

The more you use DIY website building software the easier you will find it.  However the key is to simply get started !

Once you have learnt the basics you can start to play with the online website creation tools, and constantly try new things with them.  When you have realized just how easy it is, you’ll start to find it is really good fun!

There’s nothing quite like seeing a website that you’ve created on the internet for all to see – even for non-technical people it’s a very proud moment !

Whatever kind of website you want, it’s easy to build it using DIY website creation software.

Why not try it right now ?



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Part 4 of a 7 part “website terminology” series.

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