Side Hustle Summary

A look back at my Side Hustle successes over the last 12 months or so.

I’ve been busy.

At least, I feel like I’ve been busy: juggling a full time 40+ hour per week 9 to 5 job, with a few stolen hours each week dedicated to my Side Hustles.  This side hustle summary has me needing a little nap.

Actually, when I look back at the last year and watch the video – yes, I have been busy !

May I present a quick summary of…..ummmm……my side hustle summary.

Saxophone T Shirts – via

I am not a graphic designer.  In fact, I appologise to all of the graphic designers out there – ladies and gentlement, you can do a MUCH beetter job at this than I can.

However, using some simple text and some simple images I have managed to create quite a few vaguely good looking t-shirt designs.

Primarily I’ve been uploading and selling these on Teespring because I’ve personally found the Teespring system much easier to use.  However, I’ve been experimenting with Zazzle and Redbubble as well, although these are a little odd and a bit confusing…for me anyway.

I have recently started with Merch By Amazon, but it’s too early to tell if this is good, bad or indifferent.

Merch By Amazon has a long lead time.  You need to ask and apply to join – it’s not simply a case of signing up and away you go.  It took literally 9 months for mine to be approved… I have heard and read about others taking a few weeks or a month or two, or 6 months, or 9 months like me or even longer to be approved.  I have even heard of others being rejected.

My advice is therefore to apply for Merch By Amazon, then go off and do something else while you wait.  Teespring might be a good place to start !

How To Play The Sax – via

I started this website years ago with grand plans…..but never really executed said plans at the time.

This has now changed significantly.

I spent most Saturday afternoons for about two months video recording myself giving beginner saxophone lessons, using my iPhone and iMovie.  Another month was spent almost every day editing these videos until I finally had 23 complete and separate saxophone lessons for people to use individually or as a complete course.

From there I created a whole heaps of accompanying pdf files as course notes, then I added a few backing track MP3 files that I created on my iPad.

I have got HEAPS more ideas for simple video saxophone lessons – I’ll record these slowly as time permits.

Uploading these into Udemy has proven to be a good move.  I am now an official Udemy Instructor, with many sales and some nice 5 star reviews.

Udemy is an amazing resource full of learning opportunities.  You can learn how to bake bread, how to do advanced SQL Database queries, how to paint landscapes, how to use various software, how to play musical instruments and so much more.

Note – As an Instructor, the Udemy system is easy to use and is great to get initial sales and recognition.  However, they rely heavily on discounts / sales / promotions.  I suspect that I and most other Udemy Instructors won’t make too many sales at the full listed price.

Therefore, my advice is to make sure you put a “real” or “true value” price on your Udemy courses.  If you just slap up a cheap/discounted base price, you will sell yourself short when Udemy discount your already discounted price.

I’ve also uploaded this beginner saxophone lessons course into Skillshare.  However, the Skillshare model is different to Udemy.  The interface is weird and confusing too.  While I’m pleased that I battled through with Skillshare, I suspect that this will be a very small income stream.

I am slowly uploading these lessons into my website.

Domain Names, Hosting and Website stuff – via

I’ve been tinkering around with offering domain names, website hosting, ssl certificates, email packages and many more “website” related options for ages. 

While the profit margins are extremely thin, these make great extra addons for my web design and website creation side hustles.

I tend to think of this along the lines of the McDonalds concept of “would you like fries with that ?”

And the self service diy website functionality means that some sales are made without my involvement, which is great.

The products are good and backed by a huge international supplier, so it’s a classic win-win-win for me, my customers and my supplier.

I buy most of my own hosting, domain names and website bits and pieces through .  If it’s good enough for me, I strongly suggest that it is good enough for you too 🙂

Saxophone Lessons Mt Waverley – real one-on-one saxophone lessons with humans.

Something that I’m very pleased with is the fact that I’ve been teaching again.

I have a handful of saxophone students ranging in age from 10 years old to 59 years old.  I’m enjoying it immensely.  They come to my house, we play the music they (or their parents) want to play on our saxophones together, and they pay me.

How fantastic is that ?!?

I put out the word to my daughters and wife that I was looking for some students.  A few conversations with their friends produced the first student.

I put up some online advertisements in my local music teachers websites – such as , plus on a few other well known local go-to websites – such as would also be a good place to advertise.  All of these are free.

These advertisements have brought in a handful of other students too.

I have had the luxury of being able to accept or reject students.  I offer a free twenty minute first session together, which is as much about me meeting them as it is them meeting me.  If we don’t connect, then I let them know that I’m not available.

Picking and choosing is really nice.  As a result, the students I have are a pure joy to teach and play music with every week.

This also works really well, because I can use the lesson ideas and song ideas from my real live human students to record some video saxophone lessons.

My saxophone students have quickly turned into my main source of side hustle income.  I plan to make the effort over the coming months to increase my student numbers.

Amazon and other Affiliates.

Admittedly I have yet to set the world on fire with my various affiliate sales.  A few clicks here, a few clicks there….slow and steady wins the race I guess !

For the uninitiated, an “affiliate” is someone who, for all intents and purposes, recommends the products of others, via a special url / link.  If a potential customer clicks this link, they will be taken to the website of the seller of the product.  If the potential customer then buys the product on offer, then the affiliate gets a small commission.

The concept is simple.  The reality is that it takes time and effort.

One example of my affiliate efforts is the post I wrote on this blog called the Top 12 Lower Back Pain Relief Products.

I will continue to explore and learn about this concept – and put into practice what I am learning.

Like most things in life, it’s not as easy as it would appear.  But that does not mean it is impossible ! – Sore Backs, Come Backs and Side Hustles.

I am very pleased and quite proud of myself in that I have published a post on this blog every fortnight for about 18 months at time of writing this article.

Initially I was going to go for a weekly schedule – and I may revisit this in the coming months – but this turned out to be too difficult for me due to my time constraints.

The fortnightly schedule has worked nicely.

I’ve created many different articles – some informative, some helpful and all usefull – in my Sore Backs, Come Backs, Side Hustles and Tech Talk categories.

And I will continue to do so !!

Whew !!  That is one serious Side Hustle Summary.

I’ve mentioned most of my side hustles…..  I’ll write about another one – my relaxation music – in another article.

What are your favourite side hustles ?

Do you have more than one side hustle ?

Please put your own side hustle summary in the comments section below !