All By Myself

I am now officially all by myself.

Albeit temporarily.

Last week I dropped my wife and my 13yo daughter at the airport – they are off on their big adventure… without me.

We had been planning a trip overseas for most of this year.  However, because of my on going sore back it had become obvious that I was not going to go with them.  I’m VERY disappointed, to say the least.

Today I dropped my 15yo daughter off at her gig.  She sings with senior and public facing group of the Australian Girls Choir and earlier this year she was fortunate enough to be selected to go on their International Tour – England, France and Italy.  An amazing opportunity !

Approximately 45 teenage girls from all over Australia are meeting up with 9 girls from here in Melbourne (my daughter being one of these) for three days rehearsal before they go off on their big adventure.

So, because she was going to be away, my wife and youngest daughter and I decided to go away too.

But then I hurt my back.

This shouldn’t stop my youngest daughter from experiencing other parts of the world, so my wife very kindly agreed to take our daughter anyway.  That’s ok.  Admittedly if the situation was reversed, I would have done the same thing.alone_240x320

As disapointing as this is for me – and it is very much a first world problem – I will be staying home all by myself.

I decided to keep my annual leave booking at work, but take two weeks leave instead of three as was originally planned.

As mentioned in my video above:

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY never ever want to feel like this again.

So, I will use these few weeks to my advantage.

I will do heaps of exercises, based on what my physio has suggested, and more.  I will do lots of swimming and walking.  I will rest and recuperate.

I will go away for a few days to my father-in-laws holiday house in Jamieson – a little town about three hours drive from Melbourne.  My father-in-law passed away late last year and my wife is in the process of inheriting this house.

I haven’t been there for about 9 months, because of my sore back, so it will be good to go there again.  Jamieson is my “happy place”.  The trees, the birds, the oxygen, the river, the Australian bush – fantastic.

However, I suspect it will take me all day to get there as I still can’t sit for more than 30 mins or so before I need a stretch, a walk and a little lie down.

I have turned a corner and I am on the mend.

These next few weeks will, fingers crossed, help in my recovery.

I will also take the opportunity to have a few beers and eat far too much ice-cream.  While my only medical experience is that I used to play in a band with a doctor (and a physio), it is my medical opinion that beer and ice cream (not together because that would be strange) are extremely under-rated and under-utilised.  I will continue with my experimentation with these foods and drinks of life.

I will doubtless make a few more videos over the coming weeks and post my exercise progress.



P.S.  Here’s something that made me smile and is just a little bit silly…….