Back At Work

I am now back at work…..and might I just say that it’s a bit of a struggle.

As a quick recap, I hurt my back far too many months ago (more than seven !!) with a surprisingly painful lower back disc protrusion.  Here at I am documenting my sore back journey, my come back from this injury and my resulting thoughts, hopes, side hustles and internet shenanigans.

I am now back at work at my large financial institution in the central business district in the city of Melbourne in an IT capacity.  For the last month or two I’ve been working 4 hours a day either from home or in the office and have been slowly improving – which is great.

Now my formal and officially endorsed “return to work plan” has ramped up a little and I’m attempting to be back at work 6 hours a day in the office.

Note – At the time of filming this video it was coming up towards the end of the first week of this new 6 hour day plan.  Actually, the filming was done several months ago and I’m writing this now, several months later, as if it was the same day as the filming, purely for the sake of consistency.

And I’m absolutely, totally and positively knackered.  Exhausted.  Tired.  Completely shagged out.

This week back at work has been a challenge.

From where I live in Melbourne, Australia, it is an hours’ commute door to door from home to my tall office building.

When I get there I do three hours work, have a rest on the floor for an hour, do three more hours work, then commute home again.

All in all, this means I am away from home for a total of 9 hours.

Disappointingly this is proving just a little too much for me at the moment.  My body is well and truly improving and the 4 hour days have been great for many reasons.  Keeping my brain engaged with work, plus having the luxury of time to be able to go to the pool for a swim and have a lie down on the floor have helped me no end.

I honestly thought that I was ready for the next step in my return to work plan.  My body is telling me otherwise.  🙁

I am surprised at how the pain has affected my self-perceived IQ.   Remembering simple things, making simple decisions, articulating my thoughts, all have become difficult for me.  This is very evident to me while watching back these videos.

The day after I recorded this video I confessed to the fact that I was struggling.

With 4 hours a day at work I’ve been able to keep up my walking, swimming and exercise program.

With 6 hours a day at work I haven’t been doing my exercises or walks or swimming.  I’ve basically struggled through the day, then come home and crashed on the floor before eating dinner then going to bed.

My physio was most helpful, offering both physical suggestions and an email to the various interested parties.  And a scale back to 5 hours a day was put in place for a couple of weeks.

This was disappointing because I really thought I was ready.

But, as was evident when I first hurt myself, my will power is actually stronger than my brain and my body.  This meant that while my intentions were good and honourable, in retrospect I should have listened to what my body was telling me.  I should have allowed myself to stop before I was told to by my boss.  But, hey, what are you going to do ?

So, it’s back to five hours a day for a couple of weeks.  Then we’ll try 6 hours a day for a month or two.  I’m sure it will be fine the second time around.

I now have a stand up sit down desk at work, which is great.  It took far too long to arrive, but it is here now.  This is really helping.

I’ve got a specialist doctor’s appointment coming up soon.  We’ll see how it goes.

I’m on the mend, but it’s taking far too long !!

I’m not sure of the equivalent in other countries, but here in Australia there is a well-known saying, “She’ll be right” or “She’ll be right, mate”.

Basically, it means something along the lines of don’t worry, don’t stress, everything is ok, it will all work out for the best in the end.

In terms of my back recovery, even with this little set back, I am taking that attitude.

She will, in fact, be right.



How long do disc protrusions take to get better ?  Is it the same as asking how long is a piece of string ?  Does anyone know of a magical and instantaneous cure for a sore lower back ?

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