Back Live.

…..and I’m back….

It’s been a bit over three weeks since I had an epidural cortisone injection in my lower back and the drugs appear to have kicked in.

This is a very good thing !

The injection procedure itself was unpleasant to say the least; both three weeks ago and 6 months ago when I had the last one.

After the first one half a year ago, it took a similar amount of time for the drugs to actually work their way into the nooks and crannies of my lower back and provide me with the pain relief I was looking for.

Similarly now, this time around, it has taken a couple of weeks before the effects of the drugs have been noticeable.

It’s all quite a surreal experience really.

A VERY uncomfortable procedure followed by a wait of several weeks is a rather odd process – both physically and mentally.

I’ve discussed pain before .  However, suffice to say pain is lonely and isolating.

To be feeling better physically does wonderful things to the internal thought processes and monologues racing around ones brain as well.  It’s all much more positive.

So, after the last epidural cortisone injection a few weeks ago, I am feeling much better.

The drive to Jamieson from my house in Melbourne is about three hours.

This has been unachievable for far too long.  Sitting still for so long has been painful and extremely uncomfortable.

However, now with the added help from surgically introduced drugs, I am now back in location that I love and on the mend.

A hot summer’s day in Jamieson means a compulsory paddle in the river.

The deep breathing of pure country air, albeit rather warm air on such a hot day, combined with the feeling of cool water on my feet and the sound of the river and birds is almost as refreshing and relaxing as the drugs.

Probably even more so.

So, I will use this time to chill out, to relax, to just breathe and to take things slowly, deliberately, and carefully.

I will go for walks.  I’ll lie down under a tree next to the river and read a book and have a beer.

I am going to consciously relax.

I might even float down the river from the bridge at one end of town to the bridge at the other end of town in a rubber ring…..letting the slow summer current take me through the Australian bush with the small country town of Jamieson off to one side.

And I will enjoy it.