Going to the Gym.

Hanging out at the gym has never really been my thing.

I’ve always had the mental image of muscle obsessed fitness fanatics huffing and puffing and prancing and posing – wearing strange lycra outfits in gaudy colours, all the while flexing and flirting.

However, now with my new fitness / recovery regime, I find myself hanging out at the gym.

Fortunately, the local pool that I go to for my swimming and hydrotherapy exercises also has a gym.  The gym is fairly typical in that it has weights and fancy machines that appear to be designed to torture people.

The pleasant reality is that there are very few really fit people.  They are all mainly normal people who are simply making an effort to try to stay healthy.  This came as somewhat of a relief to me.

I am NOT going to become Mr Universe.

My new routine now includes a short session on the treadmill.  Basically, all I’m doing is going for a controlled walk.

I need to “engage my core” and do 3 sessions of 3 minutes at 3 kilometres per hour (about 1.85 miles per hour).

I am finding this little process surprisingly difficult.

I had not noticed, but with my disc protrusion and thus my sore back, when I walk down the street I kind of wander all over the footpath without really paying much attention.

On the treadmill, it’s a different story. The controlled pace, the limited space and the concentration involved is surprisingly hard.  Balancing and not falling over has actually been a challenge.

After 3 minutes I stop and have a rest for a minute, then do another 3 minutes, then rest for one more minute, then another 3 minutes. Then I stand around and die for a while and try not to fall over and embarrass myself.

I am still experimenting with swimming first then treadmilling, or treadmilling first then swimming.treadmills

I’m not sure what order to do this in, so I’ll mix it up a few times and see what turns out to be the best way to go.

Either way, the combination of swimming, plus foam dumb bell exercises, plus time on the treadmill is exhausting. I then need to go home and lie down on the floor for a couple of hours.

I’m sure things will improve over time.

I have noticed that in the short time between filming the video above and actually publishing this post that I am not as knackered as I was.

I’m still pushing myself both mentally and physically to do these pool and gym (treadmill) sessions.  For the moment this is as good an idea as any I suppose. The same applies for the wussy exercises I’m trying to do at home too.

It is all still very much a challenge – and a painful one at that.

But, as they say, there are people in the world who are much worse off than me. So, with this in mind, I will continue to keep on keeping on.

I am trying not to make this blog a whinge and complain session, so please accept my apologies if it is coming across that way. I am merely trying to share my experiences and thought processes.

Spending so much time on the floor has caused me to (re)consider various priorities and possibilities.

Listening to podcasts, reading blogs about online businesses and how to create them has been an eye opening experience.

I have dabbled in online schenanigans for years. I create simple websites for myself and for clients. I help friends with their websites and end up running them myself. I sell my music online. It fascinates me how people from all over the world download my stuff.

My brain is still very foggy. The pain my body is experiencing is causing me to not be able to think clearly.  My moods are a direct result of the pain at any moment in time.

As previously mentioned, I am on the mend. I am nowhere near in as much pain as I was a few months ago. Yay !!

This is why I called this blog “MatthewsBack”.

Firstly it is all about my sore back and my recovery from this rather painful and prolonged experience in my otherwise very healthy life.

Secondly it is all about my come back – “Matthews has a sore Back” vs “Matthew is Back, bigger, brighter, better than ever, now with added awesomeness”.

I will be sharing some of my hints and tips and suggestions about how I am growing my online businesses and presence as time goes on.  And I will keep going with my exercises and get myself back into a physically and mentally fit loving husband and father.

To do this, I will keep swimming and keep going to the gym.

Until next time – thanks for visiting 🙂


P.S.  Once again, if you have and suggestions for some simple lower back exercises, or ideas on recovery form a back injury, please feel free to share in the comments below !

Also, if you need a few suggestions of your own for some lower back pain relief products that may help you, please check out this post.

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