Lower Back Exercises Update

Lower Back Exercise Update #2

While I am surprised and disappointed at how long it is taking to recover from my lower back disc protrusion injury, I am pleased with my ongoing lower back exercises efforts.

Walking is still my main form of exercise.  I can go as slowly or as quickly, or as far or not so far as I feel like on any given day.

Today I find myself wandering around the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance.

I have been pleased with my consistency of walking.

For more than a year I have been aiming for walking ten thousand steps each and every day.  On average, I have been achieving more than 60,000 steps a week, which is not too bad at all in my humble opinion.

Consciously and consistently holding in and engaging my lower core muscles – those around my middle just below my belly button – while walking is strengthening my mid-section.

This in turn helps keep everything where it supposed to be.  It provides stability and strength to those specific areas that need it…..including lower backs recovering from injury.

I have been consistent with my swimming efforts too.

I’ve been going to the pool at least twice a week for more than a year as well.  Mind you, I hate swimming.  I’m pleased that I’ve kept it up as part of my lower back exercises routine, but will confess to losing the will to live each and every time I’ve been.  I use the sauna and the spa at the pool complex as a reward and as motivation to actually swim.

I over-did the whole exercise concept a few months ago, which resulted in a few backward steps and setbacks.  My physio suggested to slow it all down a bit, so I have.  I stopped doing all of the other exercises – bicep curls, straight arm raises, semi squats, step ups – but I have continued with the walking and swimming.

The epidural cortisone injection I had not so long ago has been a great help.

Walking around the Shrine.

So today I find myself at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance.  Having dropped my daughter off at her orchestra practice nearby, I have taken the opportunity to walk around the very pretty and quite gardens and parklands that surround the Shrine just outside the Melbourne central business district.

The Shrine is a peaceful place and is quite a moving experience.  It is dedicated to all Australian soldiers who have lost their lives in various conflicts.  It is a focal point for the ANZAC day services and ceremonies, again commemorating soldiers from past conflicts.

If you happen to visit Melbourne, it is well worth making the effort to either walk from the main city of Melbourne or take the tram the 1.5 kilometres (a mile or so) to the Shrine.

I have also taken the opportunity to have a bit more of a practice and a play with my Rode Smart Lav Plus microphone .  It works really well, but I’ve found that it can be quite loud.  The simple solution to this is to position it lower down and further away from my mouth.  Rather than clipping it up high to my collar near my clavicle/collar bones, I’ve found it works best for me (with good sound and no distortion) down lower on my chest at the top of my rib cage.

I am pleased that I am on the mend.

I still need to take things slowly and carefully.  I still need to deliberately stop and think before bending over or picking up heavy items – to the point where I consciously decide if I can or cannot pick it up.  I am continuing with my lower back exercises on a daily basis.

But that’s ok.   I am learning where my limitations are at this point in time.  I also recognise that my limitations are not as, ummm, limiting as they were a year ago.  I have progressed noticeably with my physical and mental strength.

I fully plan to continue with my walking routine for as long as possible.



P.S.  What do you think is the best lower back exercise ?

What is the best exercise for lower back pain ?

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