Physio Visit

Ok.  It’s like this.  Today I went to the physio.  Today was the day for a physio visit.

Talk about embarrassing…..

Due to my disc protrusion, I am having extreme difficulty moving, sleeping and doing normal stuff.

I’ve gone to the doctors, had MRI scans and we now have an official diagnosis.

So, my theory is that the physio visit will be able to help me get moving again, which in turn should help the intense pain go away.ihavegotyourback200x200

I knew that a friend of mine – Jon – who I played in a band with years ago is not only a fantastic guitarist, but is also a physiotherapist.  It turns out that he actually owns and manages a small chain of physiotherapist centres that specialise in lower back pain.


Jon reminded me of this little fact and suggested that I should see a physiotherapist collegue of his – Luke from Advance HealthCare .

I have been feeling terrible for ages and I’m over it.

I have made the difficult (for me) mental leap to “I’m going to get better now”.  And I am extremely confident that Luke will be able to help me.

So, Luke handed me the smallest and wussiest weights in the world.  These “weights”, if you can call them that, are so small that your stock standard chocolate bar is actually heavier.

I proceeded to do some bicep curls, some side arm raises and some forward arm raises with these wussy weights.

And it hurt.

And it was embarrasing.

But, the theory is that my core is cactus.  The muscles that provide strength to my lower back around my lower abs / lower tummy (below the belly button) and their equivalents in my lower back have been unused for so many months that they don’t know what to do any more.

Strengthen the core, strengthen the back, stop the pain, get back to normal.

So – I now have to do some core strengthening exercises.

I need to do these while sucking my lower stomach under the belly button in – engaging my core.

My initial set of exercises includes the extremely wussy set of:

Step Ups and Downs – 3 x 5 reps – 1 step up, then 1 step down – right foot.

Step Ups and Downs – 3 x 5 reps – 1 step up, then 1 step down – left foot.

Bicep curls – 3 x 8 reps – 1.5kg (3.3 pounds)

Forward arm raises – 3 x 5 reps – 0.5 kg (1 pound).

Walking – preferably 10 mins slow walk.

Swimming – slowly, “some laps as I feel comfortable”.

Walking in the pool, “some laps as I feel comfortable”.  This is starting to sound like hydrotherapy.

In the pool I also need to do some core strengthening exercises using some foam dumb bells.

Push outs, pull ins at chest height – 3 x 20 reps – using a kickboard.

Push downs – 3 x 10 reps – using a kickboard.

Bicep curls – 3 x 10 reps using foam dumbbells.foam_dumbbells

Side arm raises and lowers – 3 x 10 reps using foam dumbbells.

Forward arm raises and lowers – 3 x 10 reps using foam dumbbells.

We’ll see how we go with all of this, however I have a horrible feeling that while my brain will force me to be able to do these, my body might not be so compliant.

There will be more physio visits over the coming weeks and months.

Given my age, I don’t really care about what other people think or do or say about me.  I am comfortable with who and what I am.

I recall as a teenager that my father used to come home from work, change his clothes and put on these exceptionally daggy and exceedingly bad tracksuit pants.  These were totally embarrassing from my teenage perspective.

“Dad, how can you wear those horrible trackie dacks ?!?  They are VERY uncool !!!”

He would smile, point to and tap his forehead and say, “Cool is up here”.

Fast forward to now and while I am very aware that these pink wussy weights and foam dumbbells are neither cool nor impressive, they will most probably help me get my strength back.

So, I will use them to the best of my ability.  In public. At the pool.

I will do my exercises.  I will get strong again.  This will not be my last physio visit.back_tape

Pain + Embarrassment = Motivation !

The tape is weird too.  I suspect that it will be unpleasant taking it off.

Wish me luck !