Relaxing In Jamieson

Jamieson is my Happy Place.

Jamieson is a perfect place for relaxing – especially when you’ve got a sore back and your wife and kids are away overseas…. (sigh)

Jamieson is a tiny little town about 3 hours drive north east of Melbourne, Australia.  It is near Mansfield and Mt Buller and surrounded by bushland, birds, fresh air and silence.

Zoom out by clicking on the little minus symbol at the bottom right hand corner of the below embedded google map to get a bigger picture view of where Jamieson is in relation to Melbourne and the rest of Australia.

The view from the back balcony of my father-in-laws house is great – typical Australian bush scenes, complete with hundreds of different shades of gum tree green and far too many birds far too early in the morning.

While my wife and daughters are away in Europe, I’ve taken the opportunity to take some time out.  I am still doing my exercises and still going for walks.  I am just doing these things in a different location.

My few days here in Jamieson will include walks along the river bank, walks around the (tiny) town, and maybe a quick walk out to the pub.  There will also be several long slow beers on the back balcony over looking the hills listening to the kookaburras.  Plus lots of pausing and lots of deep breaths of fresh air.  Hand feeding the birds is also a delightful way to just slow down and almost come to a complete stop.jamieson_office

Weights of the world instantly lift when I spend a few days in Jamieson.

It’s nice to be able to concentrate on other things too.  I have been creating websites for years and over the last week or two I’ve been able to help a friend with her new website, which has been enjoyable.

Part of the journey involved here with is documenting my sore back, my come back and my side hustles.  This post encompasses all three of these things, including my plug in the video above for my DIY Website services found at .  If you need a hand with your website, please feel free to let me know and I’m sure that I’ll be able to help  🙂

I am pleased with my recovery process at the moment.  Jamieson has played a big part in this, even after only a few days.  Maybe it’s the tank rain water, the silence, the unhurried walks.  Maybe it’s the thought that I should wander down to the general store and buy some milk at some stage…but maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

I will go for another walk soon and take a mic, a selfie stick and my phone with me and film a few more videos.  Watch this space.

Speaking of videos, here is one I made (with some of my music) of the rivers flowing in Jamieson.

Visit for some more of my relaxation music.

Do you have a special somewhere that you go when you need to take some time out and relax ?

Maybe it’s in another country, or town, or suburb, or simply your bedroom ?

Where is your “happy place” ?

Please let me know in the comments below and please feel free to share this post 🙂

Thanks heaps,