Top 12 Lower Back Pain Relief Products

When you’ve got a sore back, the only thing on your mind can be about how to relieve the pain.

Spending far too much time on the floor can mean that your mind can wander off in strange directions – particularly towards lower back pain relief products.  Anything, really, to make it all go away.

At least mine has anyway.

So, I thought I’d make a bit of a list of the gizmo’s, gadgets and thingammy-bobs that have helped provide me with some lower back pain relief.

CAVEAT – please be aware that most of these items are from my own personal experience.  I have a lower back disc protrusion.  My injury and symptoms may be different from yours.  Please consult your health care professional BEFORE attempting to use any of these top 12 lower back pain relief products.

Please also note that some of the links below are affiliate links.  This means that you may get an excellent deal and should you wish to ultimately make a purchase, while I may get a small commission, or I might nothing at all.  Either way, it’s a win-win.

So, on with our Top 12 Lower Back Pain Relief Products.

The winner by far is the humble Lumbar Cushion



A Lumbar Cushion such as this one will make life much easier for when sitting down is unavoidable – such as when driving, dining with your family at the dinner table, at your desk at work, or sitting in an audience watching a movie or concert.


A close second is the Stand Up Sit Down Desk – Varidesk.


I love my Varidesk.  It has two layers – one for the keyboard and mouse and the other for monitors, pens, paper, etc.  It is easy to move up and down and is very sturdy.  It is quite heavy, so if you have back pain like I do then you may need a hand getting it out of the box and up onto your desk.  My 13 year old daughter, who had just had knee surgery at the time of delivery, helped me set mine up.  My stand up sit down desk has helped me continue to do things that I enjoy on the computer – such as this blog !


Pain Relief Cream

penetrex_rubThere are several excellent pain relief creams on the market.

Penetrex – just rub it on and feel it working.




deep_heat_creamAnother pain relieving cream that is good for lower back pain relief is Deep Heat.  It smells a bit strong, but it will make you feel much better.



TENS machine

tens_machine A home use TENS machine is a little battery operate gizmo that provides pulses of electrical current into your muscles via the sticky pads you place over the affected area.  You can adjust the strength and style of these pulses, which contract your muscles.  I have found mine to be amazing.



Chinese Medicine infused plasters.

chinese_medicine_infused_platers1 There are several sticking plasters available that can provide not just lower back pain relief, but all kinds of relief from pain.  The most famous style of chinese medicine infused plasters known as Yunan Baiyao.  There are several brands of these type of plasters, all of which are very similar. Wu Yang Brand Plaster.


chinese_medicine_infused_platers2 Hua Tuo Brand Plaster.

Basically, you stick these plasters over the are that is causing you pain and the infused medicine within them slowly seeps out over time, providing you with pain relief.  They perhaps are a little from the “hocus pocus” school of thought, but they have certainly helped me.


Acupressure Mat


An acupressure mat is a great lower back pain relief product if you are spending some time on the floor.  The pressure pads provide comfort and support.



Lumbar Brace


A lumbar brace provides stability and support for weak and painful backs.  These ones are fully adjustable and have (removable) cushions and come in a variety of sizes.



Back Stretcher

ultimate_back_stretcher These back stretchers attach to a door frame and have a simple harness system in them.  These allow gravity to help decompress your spine and thus provide pain relief by reducing the pressure within your back.  As they say, “just hang in there”.



Inversion table

inversion_table An inversion table is an interesting counter-balance piece of machinery that basically allows you to hang upside down on varying angles.  Using your body weight as the balance and with your ankles attached at one end you simply lie back and slowly your head ends up lower than your feet.  This allows gravity to again stretch your back ever so slightly – enough to relieve some of the pressure and pain.


Newbax Trio Pain Reliever

nubax_trio_back_pain_reliever With the Newbax Trio pain reliever, you essentially kneel into it, then lean forward and allow the Newbax Trio to hold your weight and control the stretch.  Like the inversion table, your vertebrae seperate just slightly, relieving the pain and pressure.  I have not used one myself, but I’ve heard good things about them.


Back Bubble

back_bubble I have not used a back bubble, but I’ve seen the infomercials and I’ve been tempted to get one.  Like the inversion table and the Newbax Trio machines mentioned above, the Back Bubble also relies on gravity to do the stretching.  You can either hang in the back bubble right side up (via your chest and arm pits) or upside down (via your hips) for allegedly comfortable lower back pain relief.


Back Buddy


I have included this weird plastic seahorse shaped massager because, like a back scratcher, these can reach the hard to reach areas.  The Back Buddy has lumps and bumps all over it, allowing you to give yourself a good back massage where you need it most.



Actually, there are more than 12 lower back pain relief products listed above.  I couldn’t decide between the two creams and the two sticking plasters, so I put them all in.

Obviously there are tablets, potions, over the counter and perscription drugs available for lower back pain relief as well.  As mentioned before, please consult your health care professional.

I hope my list of Top 12 Lower Back Pain Relief Products helps you on your journey.

Do you have any suggestions ?

What do you use for lower back pain relief ?

Please let me know in the comments below.  If you found this post helpful, please also feel free to share 🙂

Thanks heaps,